verb (past and past participle struck strʌk)
1》 deliver a blow to.
    ↘accidentally hit (a part of one's body) against something.
    ↘come into forcible contact with.
    ↘(in sporting contexts) hit or kick (a ball).
    ↘ignite (a match) by rubbing it briskly against an abrasive surface.
    ↘bring (an electric arc) into being.
2》 (of a disaster, disease, etc.) occur suddenly and have harmful effects on.
    ↘attack suddenly.
    ↘(strike something into) cause a strong emotion in.
    ↘cause to become suddenly: he was struck dumb.
3》 suddenly come into the mind of.
    ↘cause to have a particular impression.
    ↘(be struck by/with) find particularly interesting or impressive.
    ↘(be struck on) informal be deeply fond of.
4》 (of employees) refuse to work as a form of organized protest.
    ↘N. Amer. undertake such action against (an employer).
5》 cancel or remove by or as if by crossing out with a pen.
    ↘(strike someone off) officially remove someone from membership of a professional group.
6》 move or proceed vigorously or purposefully.
    ↘(strike out) start out on a new or independent course.
7》 reach (an agreement, balance, or compromise).
    ↘(in financial contexts) reach (a figure) by balancing an account.
8》 (of a clock) indicate the time by sounding a chime or stroke.
9》 make (a coin or medal) by stamping metal.
10》 discover (gold, minerals, or oil) by drilling or mining.
    ↘(strike on/upon) discover or think of, especially unexpectedly.
11》 take down or dismantle (a tent, camp, or theatrical scenery).
    ↘lower or take down (a flag or sail).
12》 insert (a cutting of a plant) in soil to take root.
    ↘develop roots.
    ↘(of a young oyster) attach itself to a bed.
13》 Fishing secure a hook in the mouth of a fish by jerking or tightening the line after it has taken the bait or fly.
1》 an act of striking by employees.
    ↘a refusal to do something as an organized protest: a rent strike.
2》 a sudden attack, typically a military one.
3》 (in sporting contexts) an act of striking a ball.
    ↘(in tenpin bowling) an act of knocking down all the pins with one's first ball.
    ↘Baseball a batter's unsuccessful attempt to hit a pitched ball.
    ↘Baseball a pitch that passes through the strike zone.
4》 N. Amer. something to one's discredit.
5》 an act of striking gold, minerals, or oil.
6》 the horizontal or compass direction of a stratum, fault, or other geological feature.
strike an attitude (or pose) hold one's body in a particular position to create an impression.
strike a blow for (or at or against) do something to help (or hinder) a cause, belief, or principle.
strike a light Brit. informal, dated used to express surprise, dismay, or alarm.
strike while the iron is hot make immediate use of an opportunity.
Phrasal verbs
strike back
1》 retaliate.
2》 (of a gas burner) burn from an internal point before the gas has become mixed with air.
strike someone out (or strike out)
1》 Baseball dismiss someone (or be dismissed) by means of three strikes.
2》 (strike out) N. Amer. informal be unsuccessful.
strike up (or strike something up)
1》 begin to play a piece of music.
2》 (strike something up) begin a friendship or conversation with someone.
OE strīcan 'go, flow' and 'rub lightly', of W. Gmc origin; related to stroke.

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